At Abyss Dive Center, we believe in providing quality education for each and every class. Our PADI Course Director, Captain Tracy has years of experience teaching PADI Instructor courses through a PADI Career Oriented College Diving Program and Abyss Dive Center. An experienced staff and great facilities make Abyss Dive Center a premier location to conduct your PADI Pro training.

Location, location, location

Not only are the Florida Keys an exotic place to visit but as a student you will be training on the 3rd largest barrier reef system in the world. You will be living and learning in a tropical paradise offering amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, theatre, and nightlife.

No hidden costs

Becoming a PADI Pro is an investment in time and money and you may be surprised by “hidden” costs. We lay it all out for you so you won’t be surprised. Class tuition, EFR Instructor training, books, IE testing, and application fees paid directly to PADI – we make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you get started.

Free housing for PADI Pro students

Haven’t made your own arrangements? We offer free accommodations for up to seven students on a first come basis. How does living on a spacious 41 foot sailboat in a gated community with amenities such as WiFi, bath house, and laundry sound? You can live the dream while you pursue your new career in the dive industry.

High success rate

We want you to succeed and will work hard to ensure you have mastered the necessary skills required and completed your training to not only meet but exceed requirements. Our approach will leave you prepared and confident prior to attending the Instructor Examination while still leaving you time to explore the Florida Keys.


Abyss Dive Center is the first and only PADI 5 Star IDC in Marathon and the only PADI 5 Star IDC in the Middle and Lower Keys. Conducting your training at Abyss will allow you to go from our classroom, where your lectures will include cutting edge multi-media presentations, to the pool just a few feet away, then to our dive boat a few yards away with no additional travel required. You can complete your day by storing your gear in our secured gear locker.

Student-to-instructor ratio

Your class will consist of no more than eight students, affording ample interaction with well-rounded, seasoned staff determined to help you succeed in your journey to become a PADI Pro.

Continuing education and USCG licenses

Already a PADI Instructor? You can continue your PADI Pro education at Abyss by signing up for instructor specialty courses including but not limited to Deep, Gas Blender, Navigation, Nitrox, Search & Recovery, and Wreck. We also offer courses through Divers Alert Network, from provider through instructor, and the USCG OUPV/6-Pack license up to your 100 Ton Masters license with sailing and towing endorsements. You can leave Abyss Dive Center highly marketable and ready for your career on the water.

Job Placement

Captain Tracy has contacts throughout the East Coast, Florida Keys and the Caribbean. She will be more than happy to assist you with job placement. While we do not guarantee job placement, we can assist in finding the best fit for you as a PADI Instructor.

No Student left behind

Here at Abyss we know all students learn at their own pace. If you need assistance with skills or academics we will provide additional time for you. We are focused on quality education, not quantity of students.